28 servings per bag ($1.06/serving)


Flavor: Aromatic + Sweet


At Copina Co, we believe that true beauty starts by showing yourself some love and being confident in your own skin. Get your greens in and enjoy a clean pick-me-up with our vegan, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly Matcha Green Plant-Based Collagen Booster, a creamy blend of skin-boosting research-backed botanicals, matcha, and hyaluronic acid.  Each serving helps keep you energized throughout the day without the energy crash, all while promoting skin hydration and collagen synthesis.




Keto & Paleo Friendly



Copina Co. Matcha Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Booster

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  • Bamboo Extract  & Amla– hair, skin, nail, & joint support

    Tremella Mushroom Extract – skin elasticity

    Grapeseed Extract – collagen synthesis

    Hyaluronic Acid – wrinkle-fighting & skin moisturization

  •  Blend 1 serving (4.5g) with 7 ounces of your favorite liquid. Use with pretty much anything! Goes great with hot water, nut milk, smoothies, oats or baked goods. We recommend using a blender or hand frother when mixing with liquid for best results!