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What a time to be alive, right? With our local grocery stores overwhelming packed out with patrons in latex gloves and blue colored face masks, living in a time when we are ordered to stay home to try and execute a major shift in the Covid-19 pandemic. While all this is happening, making those necessary trips to the gather your essentials needs can make you a little paranoid.

Lately, I've only been tuning into the news when a change is coming and If you have been paying attention, the reduction of car fuel exhaustion has improved the air quality in a lot of major cities and a good amount of wild life have taken over the abandoned parking lots. It's a process called reducing your carbon footprint, in which you minimize the use of products and services you use. For example, the way you travel, energy usage at home and even the type of diet you consume.

With all of this, I think this is the best time to start exploring the ECO FRIENDLY world because we are seeing first hand what doing things for ourselves can really make a difference.

It’s all about making an effort, big or small, and finding what fits and is built for your lifestyle. If you’re single, living alone or if you're married working two jobs with a child, any effort is still a step forward for you, your family and the planet.

Switching out disposable for reusable is the main idea in this transition. Products and Services you purchase will come with a few extra dollar signs, but I think of it as a one time payment for something I will use and have a for months/years.

I’ve made a list of things you can purchase to get started on your journey of clean living.


1. Containers & Jars

Places like IKEA, Target and West Elm are a great place to find containers to store your dry goods, leftovers, lonely nuts and bolts, and even makeup accessories. A great tip is to use any finished pasta jars or candles.


2. Straws

I know many states have banned the use of plastic straws in many establishments and in place of that have been distributing paper straws. As I think it's a great temporary solutions, another thing you can purchase are your own portable straw set. Metal, Glass, Silicone and even Bamboo, whatever tickles your fancy.


3. Reusable Cups & Bottles

By replacing trips to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, you can become your own part time barista. You'll notice how much money you save weekly and monthly, when you start crafting your own hot or cold beverages at home.

NOTE: if you are someone who does depend on your local coffee shop to make your drinks, I know a lot of places allow you to bring in your own cup.


4. Food Conservation Alternative

There are many options like Beeswax Wrap, Produce Huggers, and Silicone Bags which are great substitutes for Saran Wrap, Aluminum Foil, and Plastic Sandwich bags.


5. Totes, Grocery Bags, & Produce Bags

In the state of NY they have officially banned the distribution of plastic bags at supermarkets and in replace have offered paper bags or their own woven reusable bag.I'm a huge fan of reusable bags and store a couple in my car and a few more in my pantry.



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Let's discuss what you're doing to reduce, reuse and recycle in your household.

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