Eco-friendly vs Sustainable

When shopping for the "eco-friendly" or "sustainable" products, consumers are often left wondering what they really mean. Different companies can use these labels to describe many different things, and it can be confusing to figure out which one is right for you. The terms actually have very specific meanings and will help you determine which product fits your needs best.

Here's how you can decipher what's eco-friendly and what's sustainable.

Environmental Impact : Eco-friendly products are those that do not harm the environment and make their impact as small as possible. The goal of eco-friendly products is to preserve our natural resources and contribute as little pollution as possible to our planet's atmosphere.

These products are usually made of recyclable materials and were produced using little energy. The downside to eco-friendly products is that they're often disposed of shortly after use, which means they're not really a wise investment for the future.

Longevity: Sustainable products are those that are built to last a long time without degrading in quality or performance. These products might use different kinds of materials than eco-friendly ones (such as steel or glass) but might be more energy efficient and use fewer resources overall because of their durability.

They last longer, serve multiple purposes, or can be broken down and can be reused to create other products.


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