Letter from Founder

  I became aware of the climate crisis back in 2017, when I became ill with an auto immune disorder that forced me to make better life decisions. And with these better life decisions\habits, I noticed I was more energetic, I was more understanding, and I was more informed on the dangers of what this beautiful planet has been through.


  I wanted to help in any way that I could. That’s when I created the LAFORTUNE'S GENERAL STORE with a modern twist.  

  I launched this store with the intention to making this world a more secure place for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to share the effective habits that have worked, and are STILL working, in my day to day life. With taking a few steps back and visualizing where I see myself in 5 to 10 years, and even 50 years, and in order for things to become reality, I, we need to understand that the greatest outcomes take time. I would like for everyone to enjoy patience as much as I do because without it will result in blissful ignorance. It doesn’t matter where you're from, we have to work together to get through this together.


Deborah Lafortune

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